Koski Coffee

We are harvesting coffee at the Jericho house.
It is really amazing to see and learn the process of how we get a cup of coffee.

Jonathan is holding the picked, fermented, dried, and hulled coffee beans and roasting our first batch of coffee, a cross between arabica and robusta beans.

We have also been picking loads of guava's from the tree in the front yard.
We have been making a weekly batch of delicious guava sauce.

Not only is it coffee and guava season, we have been picking and eating zucchini, cucumbers, pumpkins, oranges, cocoa nuts, papaya, lemons, tangerines and passion fruits.
This place is really amazing with all the trees and the large garden.
We are indebted to Godfrey the day watchman/gardener here at Jericho for planting, harvesting and helping us learn all about life here.


Another birthday!

Miriam Emma turned 7 years old!

Her friend Keene and her celebrate birthdays 3 days apart so they had a little party together.

And she helped make cupcakes for her birthday.

This girl is also the most fantastic chicken caretaker/owner.

Miriam and "John", the little hen


A birthday!

Max turned 3!
He requested an airplane cake for his birthday.

He got a very special gift from his cousins and auntie and uncle in Juba. It was sent via airplane to Arua. A digger!


A quick Koski news flash

Nani has lost her 1st tooth!

After, with tooth and note to the tooth fairy


Auntie B has been to Arua!

We had our first visitor to Arua!
My sister Becca came to see us for a week and a half. 
What fun to show her life in our new "home".